The Demo Reel of Temris Ridge
October 2013


1. A scene from my upcoming film, "Zombie Fairy". Animated with Adobe Flash, backgrounds done in Photoshop, compositing done in After Effects.

2. "Cover Oregon" TV spot for Laika, House. I used Toon Boom Harmony for character animation and compositing.

3. "GPS", Poptarts TV Commercial for Bent Image Lab. Animated in Toon Boom Harmony

4. "Mother Nature" 10 seconds of animation for Fashionbuddha, using Toon Boom Animate Pro.

5. "Fish People" web ad for the likewise named company for a project with fellow animator Lena Podesta.

6. "Cover Oregon" (continued)

7. "Tick Talk" Flash animated educational film made for the University of British Columbia.

8.  "Peanut Butter", Poptarts TV Commercial for Bent Image Lab. Animated in Toon Boom Harmony

9. "Two Miles From Home" Adobe Flash music video made for the local Portland indie band, The Fenbi International Superstars

10. "Tick Talk" (continued)

11, 12, 13. Walk cycles for various projects

14. "Fish People" (continued)

15.  "Zombie Fairy" (continued)

16. "GPS" (continued)

17.  "Cover Oregon" (continued)

18. "Two Miles From Home" (continued)

19. "Zombie Fairy" (continued)