“Why choose animation?”

Because it’s fun to watch, enjoyed by all ages, and can be used to tell or sell just about anything. Everything you see on the screen in an animation is created with intention and can be made exactly to fit the needs of the project.

“What is 2D animation?”

There are 3 major mediums of animation: 

  • 2D (2-Dimensional) animation. In the past, 2D or “traditional” animation was produced on paper, creating the illusion of motion with many sequential drawings. Now this style of animation will more likely be created with digitally generated drawings or flat puppeted characters.
  • 3D animation uses very specific computer programs to create 3-dimensional digital environments and puppeted characters.
  • Stop motion (previously known as claymation) makes use of tangible environments and puppets, made out of a variety of physical materials and photographed with real cameras.

“Why chose 2D animation?”

There are many reasons to choose 2D animation. It allows for almost limitless options for visual content. If it can be drawn, it can be animated in 2D. It is also the most friendly for tight budgets and schedules. While 2D animation can vary a lot in intensity and detail, it can be intentionally designed to fit the needs of a pre-determined schedule and budget. 3D and stop-motion are less flexible in this way.